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Nam Bread              Rub with olive oil, sprinkle with VH & toast

Humus                     Blend VH in when processing or sprinkle on top.

Chicken                   Rub with olive oil, sprinkle with VH & bake or saute

Corn On The Cob   Cook corn, rub with butter, sprinkle with VH. 

Scrambled Eggs     Whisk VH in with egg batter

Baked Potato          Sprinkle VH on potato or on top of sour cream

Omelet                     Sprinkle VH on before folding

Salads                      Sprinkle VH on or mix in dressing.

Tomatoes                 Sprinkle VH on then cut and eat

Easy Fresh Tomato Salad    See recipe below

Chickpeas                Sprinkle VH on hot peas

Mac & Cheese          Sprinkle VH on top or blend in after cooking

Couscous                 Sprinkle VH on top after cooking

Dips                           Add VH to before mixing or sprinkle on top

Rice                           Sprinkle VH on after cooking

Zucchini                    Rub with olive oil, sprinkle VH on before sauteing or grilling.

Easy Rustic Potatoes  Rub with olive oil, sprinkle with VH and roast at 350 until tender.

Shrimp                      Rub with olive oil then add VH to shrimp and toss before sauteing  or grilling

Breading                   Add VH to bread crumbs or Panko before coating meats, fish or vegetables

Sauces                      Season sauces with VH before during or after making

Chicken Salad          Mix VH in with mayonnaise before adding to chicken

Tuna Salad                Mix VH in mayonnaise before adding to tuna

Talipia, Sword Fish  Rub fish with olive oil, sprinkle with VH and saute

Crab Cakes               Mix VH in before making cakes, or sprinkle once cakes are made

Trout                          Once cooked, sprinkle with VH

Poached Egg            Sprinkle VH on once removed from the water

Roasted Mixed Nuts Toss in olive oil, sprinkle VH on, then bake

Italian Bread              Paint with olive oil or butter, then sprinkle on VH and bake

Quinoa                        Add after cooking and while hot

Lentil                          Add after cooking and while hot

Pop Corn                   Sprinkle on when hot

Chowders, Soups, Stews   Use VH toward completion of cooking. 




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