We have designed our packaging to give you a clean modern look

in your kitchen.  

Stackers nestle on top of each other to save

counter space and

 make a statement.

Our spices are so beautiful you will want to show them off! 


Packaged so the spices

become art in your kitchen. Once you remove the tab and plastic seal, you may turn the bottle so just the spice shines through.


Our simple packaging keeps your kitchen clean with a minimalist design. 


The stackers stack to give you a tower of color and the shakers hug side by side to give you a ribbon of color. The fridge tins are magnetic so they hang out on the fridge sparking conversation. The top is clear letting the spice be seen.


The Tubes are used for

Limited Editions.


Refills are available in a convenient, disposable, refill bag. 

E  cite

Taste Buds!

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