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Fennel and Fire A day at the Lake.heic


Every summer, many American families head to their local lakes for a day filled with cherished traditions. Coolers are packed with cold drinks and snacks. The day is spent, talking, laughing, floating in the lake and snacking. As the evening approaches, at our house a shrimp boil becomes the center of attention, its spicy aroma drawing everyone together. We finish with a childhood favorite, peppermint ice cream pie. As dusk turns to night, the nieces and nephews run around with sparklers, their faces glowing with excitement. On the 4th, we gather on the beach, eagerly awaiting the Brother in Laws fireworks display that lights up the sky over the lake. This simple yet perfect day is a beloved part of American life, bringing our family together year after year. It is a memory I will cherish forever. 

Fennel and Fire Veggie Heaven Bruschetta Bites .HEIC
Fennel and Fire veggie Heaven.heic
Fennel and Fire Fire Salt Bowls 1.HEIC
Strattons Chicken Salad on toasted baguettes .HEIC
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