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America's Artisan Spice & Tea Company
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Organic Grown because it matters for your health and our environment. 

At Fennel and Fire, quality organic ingredients are the cornerstone of our spice and tea selection process. By sourcing organically grown spices, we ensure that you consume products free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, contributing to your overall well-being.  Moreover, our choices will support organic farming practices, which help safeguard the environment and preserve soil fertility and biodiversity for future generations. We look at it as a way of

giving back to the plants that gave to us.  


Fast & Simple!

Fennel and Fire have revolutionized the use of spice blends, making them incredibly easy to use with our "It's Simple" four-step process.  Our exciting blends eliminate the need to measure and combine individual spices, saving you valuable time and effort in the kitchen. Our streamlined approach lets you enjoy flavorful dishes faster than ever, ensuring delicious

non-processed food reaches your table

easily and conveniently. 


It's Simple! 

Fennel and Fire Lita's One Pan Bake.HEIC
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Modern Spice & Tea Blends  for today's modern healthy lifestyle

Gone are the days of bland, one-dimensional seasonings. Fennel and Fire take spices to a whole new level of excitement by offering a range of fun, modern, and approachable spice blends that look great in the kitchen.  All our blends are made with no preservatives, MSG, or chemicals and are gluten-free. These blends are made for the foods we eat today, need to get to the table fast, and make experimenting in the kitchen an enjoyable experience for both the seasoned cook and culinary novices.



Blended for Function,

Crafted with Intent

At Fennel and Fire, focusing on the highest quality organic teas, spices, and flowers, we create extraordinary tea blends that captivate the senses and nourish the body and soul.  Whether you seek comfort, inspiration, or a moment of tranquility, Fennel and Fire invite you to elevate your tea experience and discover the transformative power of our artisanal blends. 

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