African Black Soap 

How to use: Comprised of almost 60% Shea Butter, This Beauty -From-Ashes African Black Soap bar combines black ash of locally harvested African plants with the beneficial oils of coconut and olive. Due to the abrasiveness of the African Black Soap, we suggest the traditional method of using it.  Break off a small piece. Lather in hands and apply lather to body and face. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive parts. Do not rub directly on the skin. Because of the high Shea butter content, this bar will not lather as many are accustomed too. It may be drying for some people. Some will benefit from daily use, some may benefit from use every couple of days or once a week. We find this is a beneficial soap to oily and acne-prone skin.  Hand made small-batch soap by Beauty-From-Ashes


  • 3.95 oz

Fennel and Fire

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