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I was skeptical when my healthy sister introduced me to elderberry syrup as a cold prevention elixir, but I tried it. It was just what I needed. Not only has it kept me cold and flu-free but it tastes incredible as well. I’m finding all sorts of uses for this wonderful berry-rich syrup. I put it on my oatmeal, pancakes, pour in my ice tea, over ice cream with a brownie and take a teaspoon a day! After much research, I have developed this special blend of ingredients that has all the right nutrients needed to help you keep healthy throughout the year. The elderberry and echinacea are known for antiviral and immune-boosting properties. The rosehip gives you a boost of vitamin C. The spices are considered warming spices that stimulate digestion and circulation. The bilberry is not only good for the eyes but also improves circulation. I have selected the very best quality of these berries and spices.


Directions for Syrup: Boil 2 cups of distilled water. Turn to simmer. Add the contents of this jar to water, stir well. Simmer, stirring periodically, 40 -50 min until water is reduced by 1/2. Strain through a mesh strainer. Let the strained liquid come to room temperature. Add 1/2 cup of local honey. Mix well. Pour into Mason jar and refrigerate for 3-6 months. Use on oatmeal, pancakes, in tea, or enjoy a teaspoon a day.


Ingredients: Wildcrafted Elder Berries, Organic Bilberries, Wildcrafted Rosehips, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Purple Echinacea Pursuer Root, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom, & Organic Orange Peel



BE BERRY HEALTHY Elderberry Syrup Mix

  • Gusset Sealable Bag

  • 1.8 oz

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