We were inspired by the flavors pairing of Juniper Berries and Pink Peppercorn and Peruvian Pink Salt. This is definetly a must when cooking meats. We usually use on pork tenderloin but have also used on steak, porkchops, and  beef brisket.  Its amazing flavor is a must have for every kitchen.  ... one of our favorites. Chalked full of herbs with a touch of organic juniper, honey, organic rosemary, smoked salt and organic vietnamese cinnamon, this seasoning is a must have for the winter. Highlighted with wildcrafted Fennel Pollen, it brings a unique and flavor forward meal to your table. Just like all our blends this one is made with No MSG, No Additives, No Preservatives, and No Fillers. Just pure high quality spices.
Crafted in the USA.


  • 2 oz  

  • Standing Sealable Bag

Fennel and Fire

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Taste Buds,


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