We are excited to share with you our Seasonal Collection.

Fennel and Fire has created special spice blends for the season.  Make sure you pick up what you need today because next season we will offer a whole new selection!  

AMERICAN Collection

This  new collection is bursting with flavor to spice up your dishes.  They have been crafted to give ease to the busy cook.

For our Rub a...  just rub the meat or fish with olive or avocado oil, sprinkle geberously with rub spice blend and roast or bake. Chili Spice, Add 2-4 Tablespoons to your pot of chili while simmering.

All Purpose, its just that, use before, during, or after cooking and use on just about everything!

Fennel and Fire- Making Spices Simple!


Fennel and Fire- Making Spices Simple! 

CLASSIC Signature Collection

Our Classic Collection will be available to you year round. These spice blends have hit the classic category due to the intense demand for them. They are a must have to use in your everyday cooking! 


We have picked four "must have" salts to get you through the season. Use Applewood on a  steak, bake potato or anything you want to add a light taste of smoke. Use Sriracha to spice up any dish, great on carrots. stews,and anything that needs a bit of heat.  Hawaian Red adds an earthy element to stews and soups. Bolivian Rose is our use on everything salt . 

Alderwood Smoked

Sea Salt

Bolivian Rose Andes Mountain Salt


We have selected these four spices for the Fall Kitchen. These hard working spices add lots of depth to your dishes.  


We are so excited to offer you this great spice collection subscription.

We have picked the best of the season to share with you.

With our Spice Box Subscription you will receive a spice box in the

mail once every three months. 

Subscribe to recieve a spice box every three months. 

Spice Box Includes:

Two Seasonal Signature Blends, One Classic Signature Collection Blend,

Two Seasonal Speciality Certified Salts, One  Seasonal Spice, Recipe Card, and Use It Up guide.


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