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Tay Stratton, Fennel and Fire, Experiencing Life!

I sure hope you can enjoy sipping this wonderful Strawberry Moon cocktail under the Strawberry Moon Tonight.

1 part Dry Lavender Soda I picked up at Fresh Market

1 part fresh strawberry juice

1 part Epicure de Provence Sirop Fleur de oranger I picked up at Stratton's Market

1 part vodka

Add all ingredience to Cocktail Shaker.

Shake with crushed ice!

Rim the Glass.

I sprayed the glass with lavender water that I happen to have, if you don't have lavender water use left over lavender soda. Then roll the glass edge in the Cocktail Rimmer. Fennel and Fire Rimmer consist of sugar, ground long pepper and ground lavender.

Enjoy the Full Moon tonight on Friday the 13th!

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