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The Farmers Market is brimming full of so many wonderful fruits and vegetables this time of year. As I walk past each farmers table, my excitement and energy of the market takes over common sense. How much can I really consume in a week goes out the window. So what happens? I get home and have way too much gorgeous produce.

So as not to waste, I freeze some of my berries.

I find a pan that will fit in my freezer and then shove things around to make space for it.

Lay a piece of wax paper in the pan. Wash the berries and lay on paper towel. I then let them sit out about 30 min to dry while I go do chores.

Next, I lay the berries on the pan with wax paper and put in freezer. This way each berry freezes individually and later you will be able to just get the amount you need. Once frozen put in freezer bag and return to freezer. Make sure you date it!

In late fall, I will grab a few frozen berries and use them in smoothies, pancakes, scones, or ice cream. Also you can make some wonderful blueberry syrup in the dead of winter!

So dont let those berries go to waste...Freeze 'Em, you will be thanking me in November when you have those srumptious pancakes!

Fennel and Fire Freeze Berries_edited.jpg