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37 Uses for Fennel and Fire Pumpkin Pie Spice. Don't let this awesome spice sit on your shelf a

37 Uses for Fennel and Fire Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice.

We have blended some of the most precious high quality spices to bring you one of the best Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend. Enjoy this blend in these many ways and you wont find it sitting on the shelf for long.

Pies - I just want to say Duh!

Hot Chocolate - Mix it in with cocoa mix before adding hot water or milk.

Coffee - mix in coffee grinds before dripping.

Drink Rimmers - mix with sugar & vanilla extract, rim glass for hot cocoa or cocktails.

Chili - add just a 1/2 teaspoon to a pot of chili as simmering.

Cookies - mix with sugar and roll dough in mixture or dust cookies before baking.

Pancakes - mix into pancake or waffle mix before grilling.

Breads - mix into dough mix before baking or sprinkle a layer if making coffee cake

Soups - add a pinch to corn chowder while simmering.

Stews - add a pinch to beef stew while simmering.

Chai - add to chai mix before adding hot water.

Nut Mix - add to your favorite candied nut mix recipe before baking

Granola - sprinkle on dry mix,

Oatmeal - sprinkle on cooked oatmeal.

Squash - sprinkle on 1/2 way through cooking or sauteing. Best with butternut or acorn squash.

Pasta - sprinkle on just after drained or add a pinch to sauce.

Warm Milk - warm milk then stir in to your liking.

Popcorn - sprinkle on while hot. Mix with sugar for a sweet popcorn snack.

Popsicles - blend into mixture before freezing.

Cocktails - check internet for some wonderful pumpkin pie cocktails

Pumpkin Seeds - spray with oil, sprinkle spice mix, sugar. Mix seeds and spice mix, bake.

Puddings - add to mixture before chilling or after chilled sprinkle on top.

Applesauce- sprinkle on top before serving.

Maple Peanut Butter- add to peanut butter, blend thouroughly.

Whip Cream- sprinkle on top or mix in cream before whipping.

Butter - soften butter add spice mix and blend though

Cannoli Filling - mix in with cheese before stuffing.

Carrots - sprinkle over as sauteing, add some Sriracha salt for a great sweet hot flavor.

Apples - add a pinch to apples as sauteing or baking them.

Honey- add a pinch to your favorite honey.

Roasted Vegetables - mix with salt and pepper. sprinkle on vegetables 3/4 way through roasting. Add a pinch of cayenne for a little heat if want.

Blackberry, Blueberry, & Pumpkin Sherbets - mix into liquid before freezing.

In a Ham & Pork Marinade- add a pinch to marinades

Ham or Pork Rub - add a pinch to salt and pepper and brown sugar to create rub

Mulled Wine - add while simmering wine.

Sweet Potato - sprinkle on just after cooking.

Yogurt- sprinkle on top, add nuts or granola.

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