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Farmer's Bowl with Veggie Heaven & Fire Salt

Our Farmer's Markets are full of the summer's bounty. These fresh ingredients are perfect for making up this great healthy meal! After visiting a local market and buying some fresh corn, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, and Ralston Farm red rice, I was ready to go. Except, I forgot the beans, so I quickly stopped at the store and picked up a can of cannellini beans and a can of pigeon peas which I found in the Latin section. The creaminess of these beans and peas went well with the heartiness of the red rice and will give me a "go-to" throughout the winter. But, if you have an opportunity to pick up some zipper, lady, black-eyed peas, or other fresh beans from the Farmer's Market, I would highly suggest it! I recommend soaking the red rice overnight before cooking it. It is amazing hearty rice that is a great compliment to the fresh veggies and spices. I used Fennel and Fire Veggie Heaven in the beans and as a vinaigrette drizzle and used Fennel and Fire Fire Salt on the tomatoes, which helped release some of the juice that flavored the bowl.

I hope you enjoy this super healthy, clean meal as much as I do! You can also use the everyday beans and peas and the vinaigrette in many other dishes. Supporting our local markets, eating your daily requirement of vegetables, and a hearty meal, It's a win, win, win recipe!