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Meet Fennel and Fire Partner Bell Urban Farm


Bell Urban is a thriving market on Tyler Street in Conway, Arkansas, that embellishes what urban farming can look like. I remember first seeing a Kickstarter for a young couple who dreamed of creating Bell Urban Farm and Market. It has been amazing to watch the growth and community involvement in this dream that has now become a reality. Bell Urban is what I call a vibrant hub of local goodness. Renowned for its array of fresh flowers and an impressive selection of Arkansas-local products sourced from approximately 50 plus different producers, it's a true gem in the community and a treasure to our State. Among the curated offerings are our Fennel and Fire products, alongside a custom Spirit Spice blend infused with green tea and jasmine that is only available at Bell Urban. When creating this custom Spirit Spice, I wanted to capture the fresh green essence and vibrant energy that Bell Urban is. Adding to its allure, Kim's husband, also the owner of Honeycomb Seed Company, shares his passion for open-pollinated seeds, transforming the farm into a haven for biodiversity and sustainable agriculture and offering a seed store and bank. Each year, the farm hosts the eagerly anticipated Annual Spring Plant Sale, featuring naturally grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers cultivated by small, local Arkansas farmers, further cementing its status as a beloved cornerstone of the local food scene. The Plant Sale will be this Sunday, April 14th from 10-3. You may find Bell Urban at 2011 Tyler St., Conway, AR.


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