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It's Sunday... time to clean the fridge and prep for the week ahead. What to do with the weeks' leftovers? I'm notorious for keeping even the tiniest bit of leftovers to make "Sunday Pizza"!

I start with naan bread; spray it or rub it with olive oil; and sprinkle a generous amount of Fennel and Fire Organic Pasta Toss. I then toast the bread at 350 degrees for 4-5 min to get it crispy. Take it out of oven and load it up with the leftovers from the week. Today I used Prosciutto and thinly sliced heirloom tomato seeds removed from a charcuterie board; lemon zest from a lemon pasta dish that was out of this world; broccoli from a lemon thyme chicken dinner; sautéed mushrooms and onions from a stuffed baked potato; and then topped it with a little bit of leftover sunshine salad from Pizza Cafe.

I sprinkled some Fennel and Fire Organic Fire Salt on top!


just like that.. an amazingly delightful dinner!


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