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Our Story

Fennel & Fire was founded by a southern farm girl that grew up in pigtails playing in

the irrigation waters of the delta farmland. Fittingly her name is Tay, after the river Tay

in Scotland. 


It was there that Tay fell in love with getting her hands in the mud! She grew

to love the growing & harvesting of mint, fresh dewberries, and the

vegetables grown in the garden. She remembers watching sunsets that stretched

across the delta forever, It was there she learned to dream.


Much later in life she learned the wonderful joy of cooking, entertaining and laughing

with her friends and family. Often she would highlight certain spices and herbs.

Tay was constantly sharing and having them try new and unusual taste. She did  

so much, they finally told her...make us a site and share with us...we dont want to miss

or forget anything. This love, passion & want for sharing is what motivated her to start

Fennel and Fire. 


Limited Edition blends were created because spices are like a fine wine and their growing history matters.

The soil that envelopes the plant from an early seedling; the support and nurturing as they

grow; the hands that touch the leaves and send their love to the plant; the hearts that cultivate and harvest the plants; and at a later stage, the methods in which they are dried and processed all matter to the flavor that is developed. We all know it matters and want to share these quality spices and herbs we find from around the world.


We also know life is full of great fun experiences just waiting for you to seize them. So we not only share with you the great spices and herbs that will excite your tastebuds, but we also share with you simple ways to sieze all the wonderful experiences the world has to offer.


So what have we done?


We created this site to share with you the great flavors of life. We want to excite your taste buds and make them dance with the wonderful spices and foods we have found.  We also want to hear from you, share with us some of the simple choices you make to excite your taste buds and make everyday flavor full.


We are like that fresh Kentucky Mint picked on a 

steamy southern morning, crushed into a mojita by early afternoon. 

Just perfectly good any way you look at it!


We also offer you spice flash, recipes, first offers, special offers and samples,

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Our values:

  • We value rich beautiful spices and herbs, that have been grown and cultivated with care.

  • We love people & all the world around us.

  • We love to get immersed into the culture, the foods, and the people of the community. 

  • We love small family farms, we know the work and love that is behind the farm. • 

  • We want to know you.

  • We want to know how you use the beautiful spices and the new recipes you created with the particular herb or spice. 

  • We want you to be a part of our day! •

  • We want to share with you & you share with us all the wonderful flavors the world it has to offer!


Our Goals:

  • Making spices and herbs an everyday thing!

  • Making it easy for you to use spices and herbs!

  • We offer beautiful packaging so the spice will be like art in the kitchen.

  • Sharing with you the story behind the spice or herb.


Who we are: A Family Core Team

* Tay Stratton 

* Thomas Dwyer (The husband that loves Tay’s good cooking & loves calling himself the master tester (aka- guinea pig)!


Also we brainstorm with...

* Tasha Stratton (sister number 4 -owns a beautiful grocery store in downtown Little Rock and consults us on great products, she has the taste of a fine bourbon and fine cigar!)

* Kellie Coleman (The research queen and sister number 1)

* Saige Stocker (The baby and the one that launches success)

* Barrett Bonds (sister number 2 - the one that tells you like it is & has awesome ideas )

* Skye Ward ( Neice number 1- the young and fun of the crew)

* Kell Hughes ( Our own whiskey in a teacup) 

* You...We want to know you and hear from you!


Who we think you might be.

  • You love new things and want to try everything!

  • You enjoy cooking and entertaining or just good eats!

  • You love to travel, even if it vicariously through your computer!

  • You like to learn and then share what you have learned!

  • You love to grill - cause grilling and spices go hand in hand!

  • You love great quality products!

  • You love family and friends and the connections they create.

  • You value helping the small family business by buying small batch or artisan products!


We hope you will become a good friend and we can share our experiences together... Weʼd love To Know You... Send us your email so we can stay in touch, Find our cool boards on Pintrest, Follow us on Facebook, and Keep up with the little things on Twitter!


Now lets Gather the Fennel, Cook with Fire, & Experience Life Together!! 

Excite your Taste Buds with

Fennel & Fire

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