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Excite your Taste Buds with Fennel and Fire!


Our Story

fennel and fire cooking with spices and herbs entertaining online spice store

Fennel & Fire was founded by a southern farm girl that grew up in pigtails playing in

the irrigation waters of the delta farmland. Fittingly her name is Tay, after the river Tay

in Scotland. 


It was there that Tay fell in love with getting her hands in the mud! She grew

to love the growing & harvesting of mint, fresh dewberries, and the

vegetables grown in the garden. She remembers watching sunsets that stretched

across the delta forever, It was there she learned to dream.


Much later in life she learned the wonderful joy of cooking with quality ingredients,

entertaining and laughing with her friends and family. Often she would highlight certain

spices and herbs. Tay was constantly sharing and having friends try new, quality, and unusual taste.

This love, passion & want for sharing is what motivated her to start Fennel and Fire. 


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special offers and samples.

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Our values:

  • We value rich beautiful spices, herbs and foods, that have been grown and cultivated with care.

  • We love people & building the relationships that enrich our lives.

  • We love to get immersed into the culture, the foods, and the people of the community. 

  • We love small family farms, we know the work and love that is behind the farm. 

  • We use organic spices because it matters for our health and our environment. 

  • We want to know you.

  • We want to know how you use the beautiful spices and the new recipes you created with the particular herb or spice. 

  • We want you to be a part of our day! 

  • We want to share with you & you share with us all the wonderful flavors the world it has to offer!


Our Goals:

  • To "Excite your Taste Buds, naturally" with high-quality organic spices, vinegar, teas & foods.

  • Create spice blends that are used in everyday cooking! Making it easy, Making it fast, & excite your tastebuds. 

  • Create organic tea blends that will transport you!

  • Create organic condiments and products that will give you clean nonprocessed flavors.

  • Make it easy for you to use spices and herbs in the kitchen!

  • Offer beautiful modern packaging so the spice will be like art in the kitchen.

  • Share with you and create a community.


Now lets Gather the Fennel, Cook with Fire, & Experience Life Together!! 

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Excite your Taste Buds with

Fennel & Fire

Thank you for being part of our community. I look forward to sharing the world of Fennel & Fire with you!

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Tay Stratton
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