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Pasta Toss is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Three people inspired me to make this blend.  Two friends brought two different beautiful pasta/ bruschetta spice mixes directly from the southern coast of Italy. The third person challenged me to create a blend like the one on every table at the nostalgic Shakeys Pizza Co.  Thus, after months of experimentation and flavor inspirations, Pasta Toss was born. My goal in creating this blend was to experience the flavors of Italy in every bite. 

We are quickly finding various ways to use Pasta Toss.  We have used it on pastas, breads, vegetables, chicken, steak, and just about everything. 

Like all our organic signature blends, Pasta Toss is made with no MSG, no preservatives, no anticaking ingredient, no fillers and no additives. Just pure all natural organic high quality spices hand crafted with love in the USA 

Fennel and Fire Pasta Toss



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