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CLARI-TEA is the perfect tea blend for those needing mental focus and clarity. Made with organic Chaga Mushrooms and organic Pu'Erh yellow tea, this blend contains antioxidants and beneficial properties for a healthy mind and body. Adding cocoa nibs and orange provides a subtle sweetness and exquisite flavor profile. Enjoy a cup of CLARITEA to help you power through your day with a clear and focused mind.

Because Chaga mushrooms are a limited resource, we only blend a few each month. 


Notes: earthy, clean, mild with subtle cocoa flavors. Though it is made with chaga mushrooms, there is not a strong mushroom flavor. 


Directions: Steep 1 to 2 tsp to 8 oz of 185 degree water for 5-7 minutes. 




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  • .75 oz

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