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Whether you're starting your day with a cup of morning bliss or seeking a cozy companion for an afternoon break, Spiced Southern Honey offers an indulgent experience. Its enticing aroma, flavorful nuances, and well-balanced composition make it a coffee blend that stands out from the rest. Allow yourself to be transported to the heart of the South, where warmth, hospitality, and enticing flavors converge in each sip of this remarkable blend.  This one-of-a-kind blend is a special collaboration with the talented coffee roasters, Guillermo's and America's Artisan Spice and Tea Company, Fennel and Fire.  

Ingredients: coffee, chicory, spices,  honey


Roast: Medium Roast


Process: Fully Washed


Bean: Ground


Brand: Guillermo's & Fennel and Fire


Coffee origin: Ethiopian


Flavor Notes: spiced, honey, sweet, deep flavor




Coffee Ground -Spiced Southern Honey

  • 8 oz

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