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We are over the rainbow with excitement to release our newest tea blend, Dublin Spiced Tea, this St. Patrick's Day. Crafted with intention and care, this blend captures the essence of Dublin, delivering a bold and confident flavor. Each sip is an adventure, awakening the senses with ginger's spicy essence and orange's citrus in a harmonious blend of organic black tea that dances on the palate. As you sip on Dublin Spiced Tea, let yourself be transported to the bustling streets of Dublin, where the air is alive with excitement and possibility. Feel the city's pulse in every sip, and let its energy fuel you to be bold and confident. This tea is so smooth and delicious that it will become your everyday tea. Great iced or hot. So raise your cup and join us in celebrating St. Patrick's Day weekend with this extraordinary blend that captures the essence of Dublin in every delicious sip.


Dublin Spiced Tea

Out of Stock
  • .75 oz

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