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This special mix of organic herbs and spices along with the world's purest sea salt makes for a grinder that should be on everyone's table!  Our Australian sea salt is harvested from the deep cold waters of the southern ocean between the edge of Australia and the icy coast of Antarctica. Because of the frigid waters and high saline content Australian Sea salt is some of the cleanest, purest salt available. Our salt has been Certified Authentic, Optically Cleaned, and Organic Compliant. Unique to our Herb Salt is the use of the green peppercorn. Green peppercorn has a brighter, fresher, and more mild flavor than a black peppercorn.  It is a perfect addition to this blend that includes organic onion & garlic, along with organic herbs. It also includes a touch of organic red pepper to add a bit of pizzazz and organic lemon peel to add brightness to your meals. 

Great on: Chicken, Fish, Salads, Vegetables, Sandwiches, Eggs, Tunafish Salad, Chicken Salad, Potato Salad, Steak, Meat, and just about everything! Get it on your table today! 


Organic   Sugar-Free 


  • 2.5 oz

  • Glass Jar with Grinder Top or Refill Bag

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