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Stratton's seasoning salt made a soft debut this summer and was greeted with great enthusiasm and wonderful reviews. This seasoning salt is an all-American blend with flavors that dance around the tongue with sweet, sour, smokiness, & slight heat.  I created this blend to share the flavors I remember tasting while growing up in the Delta, where the sunsets stretch forever.  My four sisters contributed, each reminiscing and sharing for us to capture the exciting flavors we offer you in this seasoning. It has been brilliantly received with many “I use it on everything” reviews.  We hope it will intertwine our past with your present and create many wonderful dinner memories for you and your family. 

Great on french fries, potato salad, steak, pork chops, turkey salad, chips, Mac & cheese, burgers, rice, and as a finishing spice. A perfect replacement for table salt. Find it at many of our partner's markets or order online.


  • 2.5 oz

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