Just in time for hunting season! Our wild game spice is ready for you!  Being in Arkansas, we had to come up with a wild game spice and I must say we hit the mark with this one.

Some of the flavors that makes this blend like no other, include organic juniper berries, organic herbs, mesquite smoked sea salt, cracked black pepper, Hawaiian red sea salt, maple sugar,a touch of chipotle and spices.

Use on Meats and Vegetables. If you don't have any wild game around, pick up a bison steak or any steak for that matter and rub it on before cooking. For my plant based diet friends, rub some on a large portabella and grill it or sautee a mushroom mix with onion and wild game! Get ready to experience a flavor you will soon crave.


  • 3 oz 

  • Sealable Bag

Fennel and Fire

E  cite


Taste Buds,


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