"Fennel and Fire" Spice & Tea Society

A monthly subscription to our Fennel and Fire Spice & Tea society is sure to
"Excite your Tastebuds", spark your curiosity, give you a Facebook invitation to our members only spice & tea society community, and
it will let you experience the world of spices and teas!

With the "Basic" membership each month you will receive a specially curated box with two organic spice blends, one either single source spice or speciality salt.
With the "Basic Plus Tea", you will receive the basic box as well as a tea tin and a infused or special honey.

Select From:
Two Fennel and Fire 2.5 oz spice blends, and a  1 to 2 oz single source spice or a 2 to5 oz speciality salt.

Basic Plus Tea 
Our Basic collection plus a 1-2 oz tea or tea blend and a sample size of infused or speciality honey.


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