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"Fennel and Fire" Excite Your Taste Buds Seasonal Subscription Box

Our Fennel and Fire subscription boxes are sure to excite your tastebuds, spark your curiosity, introduce you to flavors from around the world, and give you the highest quality organic spices, teas and blends, foods, and salts.
You will receive a box every three months.

With the "Seasonal Box" subscription, you will receive a specially curated box from our founder Tay Stratton. She has selected quality organic spice blends, single source spices, specialty salts, world blends, and foods that she knows will
"Excite your Taste Buds." 
In addition to the box, you will have access to a subscription-only page within the website. There you will find recipes, suggestions, and information about the spices and foods found in your seasonal box. 

With the "Seasonal Box Plus Tea," you will receive our seasonal box and an organic tea blend.

What better than Tea with Sweets? This fun box will treat you to beautiful organic loose tea that has been paired with handmade sweets. Guaranteed to to make you take time to escape business for a bit and enjoy the moment.

Select From:
Seasonal Box
 $19 per month with a subscription
Seasonal Box Plus Tea 
$22 per month with a subscription
Tea Pairing
 $19 per month with a subscription

With Subscription,
you will receive  a curated box every three months
though pay monthly.


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