The science and research into the benefits of spices is an interesting one and one that motivates us into learning more about the plant world. 

Though most of our blends do not contain enough of one spice on its own to make a major difference, an understanding and awareness are what I hope to share with you. Spices will be available at different times throughout the year. 

These spices have been shown to provide health benefits; however, research is inconclusive.  


Find Cinnamon in Our:

Fennel and  Fire Organic Coffee Twist 

(Available Year-Round)


Fennel and Fire Organic Stella's Mulling Spices

(Available Fall & Winter) 


Fennel and Fire Chili 

(Available Fall & Winter)


Fennel and Fire Caribbean Punch

( Available Spring & Summer)


Fennel and Fire Organic & Wildcrafted Be Berry Healthy

( Available Fall & Winter)



* High in Antioxidants

* Anti-Inflammatory

* Lowers Blood Sugar



Find Elderberry in Our:

Fennel and Fire Organic & Wildcrafted

Be Berry Healthy

( Available Fall & Winter)



* Cold & Flu Relief

* Aid in Digestion

* Boost Immunity

* Antioxidant

* Anti-inflammatory 



* Aids Digestion

* Freshens Breath

* Enhances Brain Function

* Reduces Stress

* Liver Detoxification

* Reduces Coughing

* Preventive Treatment for Metabolic Disorders

* Maintains Gut Health

* Stimulates Blood Flow

* Anti-Inflammatory

* Rich Source of Antioxidant




Find Rosemary in Our:

Fennel and  Fire Organic Pasta Toss

( Available Year Round)

Fennel and Fire Organic Herbes de Provence

( Available Fall & Winter)

Fennel and Fire Veggie Heaven

( Available Year Round)

Fennel and Fire Herb Salt

(Available Year Round)



* Anti-Inflammatory

*Strong Antioxidant Boosting the Immune System

* Improved Brain Function



Find Turmeric in Our:

Fennel and  Fire Organic Turmeric Dust

Fennel and Fire Organic Golden Milk Blend

Fennel and Fire Steak Seasoning

All blends include black pepper for better absorption.

May be useful in:

*Lowering Risk of Heart Disease

*Improving Sensitivity to The Hormone Insulin

*Beneficial Effects on Parkinson's and

Alzheimer's Disease

* Preventing Cancer

* Fighting HIV Virus



May be useful in:

*Control Diabetes

*Weight Loss

* Skin Health



Maybe useful in:

*Preventing Cancer

*Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

* Preventing Blood Clots



May be useful in:

*Lowering Risk of Heart Disease

*Help Prevent Cancer

*Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

*Help with Arthritis

*Help with Depression

*Help Delay Aging

Turmeric should be consumed

with  black pepper for absorption


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