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147 Egg will replace poaching

Sous vide egg with Fennel and Fire Veggie Heaven

Jose Andres taught me how to stop poaching eggs the way I was taught and do this instead. His cooking method makes the egg so rich, buttery, and smooth. It's a perfect way to "no-poach" an egg. Finished with a sprinkle of fennel and Fire Veggie Heaven...oh la la. This cooking method has changed the way I will ever poach an egg! It's super simple- not quick- but perfect for a relaxing weekend morning.

Directions: In a deep pot, set your sous vide equipment to 147 degrees, or bring a pot of water to 147 degrees on the stovetop. Once the water reaches 147 degrees, put the whole egg in its shell into the water. Keep it in the 147-degree water for 40 min. Remove egg. Crack the egg over food, and you will have a perfect "no-poach egg." Sprinkle with Fennel and Fire Veggie Heaven. If you need more salt, finish with Fennel and Fire Herb salt ground or Fennel and Fire Fire Salt ground.


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