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A Summer Favorite...

Fresh Tomato Sandwich with Balsamic Sea Salt & Fresh Cracked Pepper.

Fennel and Fire Fresh Tomato Sandwich_edited.JPG

Tay Stratton, Fennel and Fire

Excite Your Taste Buds!

I never grow old of this summer favorite. I received three gorgeous home grown tomatoes from this wonderful lap swimmer that always brings me fresh off the farm goodies. These tomatoes didn't disappoint. I immediately craved my traditional summer sandwich. It's an oldie but its not summer until you've bitten into one of these…

Ingredients: Fresh Basil from your yard

Homegrown tomatoes kissed by the sun

Fresh soft mozzarella


Baguette from your favorite bakery

Balsamic vinegar

Olive oil

Fennel and Fire whole Tellicherry black pepper

Fennel & Fire Pacific Sun sea salt or Fennel & Fire Balsamic Salt

Assemble sandwich by layering the basil leaf, tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto on the baguette. Drizzle with balsamic, and olive oil. Sprinkle generously with sea salt and pepper.

A couple of tricks…

* Keep the basil leaf whole and layer it with the cheese, tomato and prosciutto.

* If you only have a cheaper version of Balsamic Vinegar, cook it down a bit to create a richer syrup.

* Make sure the salt is medium grain; too fine it gets lost; too big, the texture is off.

* Take whole peppercorn and crush with the back of a saute pan or crush in mortar and pestle. The larger pieces add just the right pungency to wake up the taste buds.

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