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Where turbulent sea, tropical sun, gusty winds, and black volcanic rock meet, we find the harvesting of the beautiful Flowers of Bali Tropical Sea Salt.

This Balinese coastal region creates the perfect harmony for these delicate crystals to form. The mixture of earth, wind, sun and water perfect the crystals into a four sided, hollow, pyramid type grain. These pyramids are each unique resulting in a delicate crunch when tasted and can only be created when nature comes together with the perfect condition.

The Balinese have been harvesting the salts for over one thousand years and the farmers of today use many of the same techniques as their ancestors.

As the sea sweeps in, the farmer scoops the lively sea water and pours it over the volcanic sand beds. The farmer, with an acute attention to detail, watches and tends the sea water. Once crystals form, he begins panning it much like the gold miners of the American West. This painstaking process may take as much as two weeks to produce just a small bag.

After the farmer hand picks and gathers the thin crystal flakes they are washed with fresh water in a series of wooden drums. This creates a salt water brine which is then poured over split timber planks. Once the timber planks are laid out in the open air, the water evaporates under the sun over a few days. This solar evaporation allows the salt to maintain much of its original minerals. Once the water evaporates, crystals are left on the wood planks and then gathered and packaged to sale.

Because of the hollow pyramid shape, the size of the crystals, and the earthy mineral content, this salt from the Balinese is truly a tasty treasure that is best used as a finishing salt.

Here at Fennel and Fire, we appreciate the lifestyle and honored tradition these farmers make in order to let us experience this wonderful treasure of the world.

Excite your Taste Buds!

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