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14 Spices and Herbs for Weight Loss

by Tay Stratton

If you are like me, the new year rolls around and I'm thinking, “okay, this is the year…I can do it”... “I can lose that extra weight”. With my love of spices and herbs, and my love of sharing them with you, it peaked my interest...

"How can spices and herbs help me lose weight?"

I know that our signature spice blends can help you lose weight by making the food taste great without the addition of sauces, oils and butters. Now that I use a signature blend everyday, I’ve already made that healthy change.

Then I wondered, “Other than great taste, how do they help weight loss?”

So I "googled" and “WOW”; there was article, after article, on how herbs & spices help weight reduction.

So I've summarized what I have found on the internet and though we all know there is not necessarily enough scientific evidence to firmly establish all of these claims...just in case there are benefits, I wanted to share them with you:

spices for weight loss_edited.jpg


Turmeric: Reduces inflammation by stopping fat cells forming or reduces their size. Breaks up fat. This spice seems to offer so many great health benefits. It popped up in every search.

Cinnamon: Speeds up metabolism and controls blood sugar and insulin levels.

Cayenne Pepper: Suppresses appetite, shrinks fat cells, lowers blood fat levels, and increases the body’s ability to burn fat.

Chili Powder: Increase the body’s ability to expend energy.

Ginger: Anti-inflammatory and will suppress appetite and cut cravings, normalizes blood sugar level; kick starts metabolic rates.

Black Pepper: Inhibits the body from creating new fat cells; helps to burn more calories, helps use nutrients better.

Coriander: Increases metabolic function.

Cumin: Improves weight loss when combined with other herbs and spices.

Parsley: Control appetite and helps with processing food into energy.

Cardamom: Boosts metabolism and may help burn fat more efficiently. Also lowers blood glucose and regulates insulin.

Clove: Speeds up metabolism.

Mustard Seed: Burns helps to more calories and helps digestion. Helps speed up metabolism.

Garlic: Can increase body temperature which can speed up metabolism.

Fennel: Stops hunger pangs and is a natural diuretic.

So in general...use your spices and herbs often, use liberally, and with any luck, those health benefits will kick in!

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Excite your Taste Buds and lets have a great 2015,

Tay Stratton

Fennel and Fire

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