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Our Story

Our Story

Fennel and Fire is America’s Artisan Spice Company! Our spices will “Excite your Taste Buds, Naturally”! Fennel and Fire was created for three reasons;

1.) Created specifically for those of us that are trying to avoid unnecessary fillers, MSG, additives and preservatives in our food. Our spice blends are all natural made specifically of pure high quality spices avoiding the additives many other spice blends have. We use organic spices if it’s an option.

2.) We want to make using spices easy. We did the work for you. Instead of having to buy many spices for one recipe, we have already created a blend so that you just need to buy a Fennel and Fire Spice Blend. Our products are labeled with specific uses. Our web site has recipes and usage for the spices. Our goal: To make the experiences of cooking with spices easy, fun, and super great tasting!

3.) We sought the highest quality and organic (when available) spices. The difference is amazing. Because we mix small batches, our spices stay fresh, providing you with an incredible taste experience.

We hope you will visit our site and try our unique Signature Blends available only through FennelandFire, and a few markets. Order: Veggie Heaven (our #1), Rub a Pig, Fish It Up Taco, Burger Blast, Steak Shake, Delta BBQ Rub, Fajita, Rub a Bird, Caribbean Punch, Coffee Twist (a must have for coffee drinkers), Pink & Pink, Organic Super Seed Blend (for everyday health) and many more.

All of these are awesome all natural flavor packs that will EXCITE YOUR TASTE BUDS NATURALLY!

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