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Chaga Mushroom - a gift from the birch tree

With a name like Chaga, you may want to dance around the birch tree, as that is where the Chaga mushroom grows.

It takes up to 5-6 years to grow in cooler climates on a wounded birch tree. There is only a narrow window of time for harvesting. This window provides the greatest concentration of melanin. Melanin has a high level of antioxidants because of the polyphenols it contains.

It is essential to purchase from a reputable source, as improper harvesting techniques are taking place with its growing popularity. Also ensure it comes from a source that understands the conservation of this resource, as it cannot be artificially grown. Once you know the magnificent of this gift from nature you will understand its popularity. It has a silky smooth flavor that contains Vanillin, the same flavoring compound found in the vanilla bean. Its pleasant taste makes it a great addition to our Fennel and Fire mushroom tea blends while gaining the benefits it has to offer. Make sure you research this powerful plant for its health benefits and side effects and check with your physician before consuming it.

You will find Chaga mushrooms in both our Morning Mug tea blend and our Clarity tea blend. Responsible crafting makes these teas available in limited quantities. You may preorder if not currently available.


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