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EARTH DAY- Meet Fennel & Fire Partner Natural State Market

Natural State Market is a natural gem located at Main Street Station in the heart of Benton, Arkansas. As Earth Day approaches, we’re excited to share how this unique market is the perfect spot to celebrate sustainability and shop for your favorite eco-friendly products, including our Fennel and Fire Organic Spice and Tea Blends, not just on Earth Day.

Katherine and Robyn, the visionary owners of Natural State Market, have not only created a remarkable store known for its curated collection of local, handmade, and sustainable goods but also a vibrant community hub. They are staunch supporters of Arkansas’ artisans and farmers, showcasing a variety of handcrafted goods and locally-produced items that promote sustainability.

At Natural State Market, the commitment to sustainability goes beyond products. Katherine and Robyn are dedicated to educating the community about zero-waste practices, sustainability, and effective recycling methods. The store doubles as a recycling drop-off point, emphasizing its waste reduction philosophy. It offers a practical way for customers to embrace a sustainable lifestyle with its refill options, including popular seasonings like Veggie Heaven, Grilling, and Stratton's.

This Saturday, celebrate Earth Day at Natural State Market! They have a great lineup of exciting events. Visit their social media pages to see the events and stay up with all they do. It’s the perfect occasion to discover their extensive range of products while learning more about their mission to create a zero-waste world. Everything offered, from exquisite local handicrafts to eco-friendly garden supplies and health products, embodies Arkansas's spirit and natural beauty. Join in celebrating a sustainable future this Earth Day at Natural State Market.

Location: 303 North Main, Benton, AR


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