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Meet Fennel and Fire Newest Partner, Mother Vine Market

The newly opened Mother Vine Market, owned by the delightful duo Kirk and Leigh Ann Wallace, offers a refreshing take on local shopping to enhance your everyday table and lifestyle. This new marketplace celebrates local craftsmanship, agriculture, and sustainable living.

Kirk and Leigh Ann have meticulously curated a collection of goods that mirrors their mission: to source the utmost goodness from our local community and region. At Mother Vine Market, every item tells a story of local pride and artisanal tradition. From the freshest, seasonally available produce grown within our community to unique handcrafted goods, shopping here feels like a journey through the best Arkansas has to offer.

You will Discover a selection of crafted gifts, charming cards, and exquisite handmade jewelry holders like the ones offered by Wild Ester Creative.

There is a variety of natural tallow like those from Poppy and Co., healing tinctures, organic tea blends from Fennel and Fire, and natural soaps—all designed to nurture your body and soul.

The shelves are stocked with freshly baked goods from the likes of Green Hare Bakery and Moody Hollow Sugary, locally sourced eggs, and a variety of nuts. The produce section changes with the seasons, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful ingredients, as Firelight Farms offers.

Don’t miss out on trying the Ozark Mountain Creamery Milk—a local favorite! Alongside, you'll find an assortment of salsas, pickles, jams, and hot sauces from both Murder Farms and Arkansas Diamond Fire.

As a special highlight, Mother Vine Market proudly carries a wide range of Fennel and Fire organic products. Our spice blends are perfect for elevating your cooking, and our teas are designed to provide you with an experience of well-being. Pick some up for yourself and keep some on hand for a thoughtful gift for the friends in your life.

At Mother Vine Market, as a customer, you are part of a larger community initiative to support local makers and growers. Every purchase you make helps to sustain local agriculture and craft, contributing to the prosperity of our region. Kirk and Leigh Ann have created more than just a shopping destination; they've fostered a vibrant community hub where locals can meet, exchange ideas, and grow together.

Make sure you head over to Mother Vine Market to visit and support this local gem. It is located at 17900 Lawson Road, Little Rock, and is open Thurs - Sunday. Visit their website for hours. Make sure you ask them how they chose the name Mother Vine! g


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