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Smoking Hot Stella Cocktail

Moctail Mo took over the crafting house to create one of her unique, well-balanced cocktails. She brought many tasty ingredients, including the Stellas Smoky Hot Simple Syrup she made. I had made a batch of Stella's Simple Syrup to use up some of the Fennel and Fire Stella spice left from the holiday season. I use it in the teas I craft at the Crafting House. It's a beautiful simple syrup that adds a depth of warm spices to any drink or dessert. But Moctail Mo took this syrup one step further and created Stellas Smoky Hot Simple syrup. She made it with honey instead of sugar and added some chipotle. Using this smoky hot syrup as a kick-off point, she created a Smoking Hot Non Alcohol Stella Cocktail. She added Sansbitter, Dry Botanicals bitters and soda, Ritual NA Gin, and the Smoky Hot Stella Syrup. Rimming the glass with crushed red hot and Fennel and Fire Smoked Applewood salt adds a fun juxtaposition to the tastebuds. Moctail Mo left the building, leaving all her goodies behind. I replaced her NA Gin with RockTown Cinnamon liqueur, and Smoking Hot Stella cocktail was made! You may see her video on Instagram or the Fennel and Fire Crafting House Instagram page @fennelandfirecraftinghouse


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