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Making a great salad is an art!

The texture, size, color and of course taste all play a significant role to create the perfect salad masterpiece!

Follow these simple steps and you will create a masterpiece every time.

Step One: Vary the greens and chop all to bite size. Make sure some are crunchy like cabbage and some are softer like spinach or arugula. This variance in texture and color add interest as well as nutrients.

Step Two: Dress and season the salad then toss so that the flavors coat every piece. Some of my favorite seasonings are from Fennel and Fire: Me and McGee Sunshine Spice, Herb Salt, Citrus Peppercorn, Veggie Heaven or Pasta Toss.

Step Three: Add four to six add ins. Make sure they are chopped fine so the flavor and color is in every bite. Some of the add ins need to be crunchy but not all. This is where you can add lots of nutrients such as nuts, seeds, vegetables, and beans. It is also where you can tell the story of the salad if you want to stay with a theme such as Southwest, Mediterranean, Nutrient Heavy, or Chef. I often just use up what's in the fridge as pictured above.

Step Four: Add more dressing and seasoning if desired.

Step Five: Toss to coat and mix everything.

Step Six: Serve in individual bowls, sprinkle with one or two toppings or fresh herbs for visual interest.

Step Seven: Enjoy your masterpiece!


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