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Excite your Taste Buds, naturally

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From ordinary to extraordinary

Ultimate Six Pack
The six spice blends every kitchen needs.

Fennel and Fire Perfect Salmon
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Cultural Collection
Experience the flavors of the world!

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It's Simple
Cooking Guide

It's Simple Guide for using Fennel and Fire Spice Blends


Steeping Guide

Tea Steeping Guide for Fennel and Fire Tea Blends
Tay Stratton, Owner and Founder of Fennel and Fire Grew up in the Delta


Fennel & Fire was founded by a southern farm girl that grew up in pigtails playing in the irrigation waters of the delta farmland. Fittingly her name is Tay, after the river Tay in Scotland. 


It was there that Tay fell in love with getting her hands in the mud! She grew to love the growing & harvesting of mint, fresh dewberries, and the vegetables grown in the garden. She remembers watching sunsets that stretched across the delta forever, It was there she learned to dream.


Much later in life...

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Fennel and Fire Hibiscus Sunrise

Sweep Away
Ice Tea Blends

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