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Thank you for visiting us!

We are excited to share our beautiful, high-quality products

that have been created for the conscious consumer.

Like many of you, we are concerned with the nutrients and ingredients we are putting in our bodies!

We have built Fennel and Fire to help you know exactly what is in our products.

We give you healthy, useful and flavorful products that make

life a little more simple and flavorful! 

We have a saying at Fennel and Fire...

"If you can't pronounce it, recognize it, or your grandmother would not have used it...

we don't either!" 

Our Spice & Tea Blends:

Uniquely Created by Fennel and Fire

We use USDA Organic Spices sourced from conscious companies that care about

quality and fair trade as much as we do. 

Blends are hand-stirred in small batches keeping our ingredients fresh and pure.  

There are No Fillers, No Preservatives, No Additives, No Anti-Caking, & No MSG!  


Our Salts

Certified Authentic, Organic Compliant and are Kosher Certified.

Our Sugars:

When using sugar, we only use the minimum necessary amount to produce the quality of the blend.

We use, Organic Turbine Sugar, Sugar flavored with pure maple extract, Maple Syrup Granules, Honey Powder or Granules, and Coconut Sugar when the spice needs a little sweet touch. Look for our sugar-free tab to order blends made with no sugar. 


Our Spices & Teas:

USDA Organic

Fair Trade (if available)

The Highest Quality We Can Find

Our Soaps:

Made by Beauty from Ashes, whose product philosophy aligns with our own beliefs. 

They use ingredients that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Your skin will feel the difference and the earth will too!

This cold-pressed soap uses only premium oils & butters with natural high-quality ingredients.

Your purchase will help provide bars of Sharon's Caring Gentle to CARTI patients.


Our Coffee:

We teamed up with Cafe Monteverde to bring you a high quality cloud forest sustainable coffee.

Visit our Coffee page to see a video of the beautiful mountainous region of Costa Rica.  

Our Oils & Vinegar:

We are excited to team up with Robust Olive out of Little Rock, Arkansas

 to provide you with a wide array of oils and vinegars. These oils from Robust Olive are pressed with a "robust" or younger olive than most companies use. By pressing at this stage of the Olive, the oil yields to higher quality and higher in polyphenols olive oil.

 In addition to some beautiful olive and speciality oils we carry Robust Olive naturally infused balsamic vinegar. They are caramel color-free, free of added sugar or thickeners and aged in the wood barrels of the traditional Solera Method in Modena, Italy.

Our Honeys: we are currently out of honey.

Either Blue Zone Honeys or Local Arkansas Honeys are used and

found in the purest environments. We look for companies that treat the bees with respect,

allowing half the hive to return to the bees and only sourcing what is needed

without disruption to the bee. 

We are excited to share our creations and products

and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 


Because we refuse to add any chemical agents such as anti-clumping ingredients in our

spice blends (like ones you cannot pronounce), some of our spices may clump.

The spice is still perfect to use, is all natural, and without chemicals. 

If clumping does occur, simply scrape the spice into your hands and pinch.

The warmth of your hand and pinch will release the fragrance of the spice as well. 

Our Spice Blends will last up to a year, but if you have the spice that long...

you need to follow us on Instagram to get ideas on how to use the Blend!  

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